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    1. Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      Sales Manager:Gord Chu
      ADD: No.968 Jiangshan Road Nantong
      Economic and Technological
      Development Zone, Jiangsu, China
      Product name: Crotonaldehyde
      CAS No.: 123-73-9
      EINECS NO: 204-647-1
      Formula: C4H6O
      Structure Formula:
      M.W.: 70.09

      Colorless, transparent and flammable liquids with asphyxiant irritative odor. It changes into light yellow liquid in the light or air, whose steam is strong lacrimator. Easy soluble in water, with ethanol, ether, benzene, toluene, kerosene and petrol in any mix ratio of each other.

      Main Uses:

      Used for producting n-butyraldehyde, n-butanol, rubber vulcanization accelerator, alcohol denaturant, and tanning agents, etc..

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